Heating oil has been a popular method used in keeping homes warm since the 1920s when oil heaters were invented. Since the invention, they have remained a widely used option during the colder months of the year.

If you are one of the 5.3 million households that use heating oil during harsh winters, you never want to second guess your home’s heat supply. Like fuel for a vehicle, heating oil prices can fluctuate greatly based on supply and demand. If you are purchasing your oil on a will-call basis and monitor your heat supply yourself, you may find your budget fluctuating for supply.

Thankfully, with automated home heating oil delivery by Jacobus Energy, you never have to worry about finding the best time to buy again.

Automatic Home Heating Oil Delivery

With automatic heating oil delivery, you are able to control your heating oil budget better because you are on schedule and have the opportunity to estimate your oil costs. When you enroll in automatic delivery services, you know when your oil is coming and how much every time.

Gone are the days of regularly checking your oil tank and waking up to a frigid home after running out. You can instead rely on your oil company to know when they are needed. Monitoring and inventorying fuel levels will be left to the professionals and you will be left with a warm and comfortable house.

How It Works

The automatic “Keep Fill” service allows the technicians at Jacobus Energy to track your usage and monitor weather forecasts to ensure oil is delivered exactly when you need it. You will never need to call for a refill or think about a refill again. The average temperature per day and your historical usage will be considered to schedule your deliveries accordingly. For example, during colder than usual months, the excess heat usage will be considered and your delivery will be scheduled accordingly. Each delivery is scheduled specifically for you, and gets increasingly more accurate over time.

The Benefits

Scheduling home heating oil delivery provides a number of benefits. Most importantly, you will never have to worry about running out of fuel for your home. You will not be required to manage your fuel gauge because your heating provider will constantly monitor for you and deliveries will be made before oil levels ever dip too low.

When you rely on automatic delivery, you are also able to manage your oil delivery budget better. Your delivery costs will be more consistent, you will not have to pay short-notice extra fees, and you will be able to form a budget based on your fuel usage. Jacobus Energy offers a handy budget payment plan to help pay your oil bill at a rate that is convenient for you. When you fill out a quick and easy credit application form, we also offer financing options.

Aside from budgeting and scheduling, convenience is a great reason for home heating oil delivery. You will have no obligation to monitor fuel levels, you will never need to contact a company for oil deliveries, and you will have peace of mind knowing it is taken care of.

Jacobus Energy Provides Home Heating Oil Delivery All Year

Jacobus Energy uses a reliable automated delivery system to supply your home with heating oil, no matter the weather or season. We can keep your home fueled and heated throughout the colder months, and whenever you may need it throughout the year. From emergency services to automatic delivery, we will be there for you to keep your home running smoothly. Contact us today to get started with home heating oil delivery!