Diesel exhaust fluid is a critical component of clean operations for many modern day engines, particularly those using Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology. In addition to our fuel delivery services, Jacobus Energy also provides diesel exhaust fluid, both through delivery and wholesale options.

What Is Diesel Exhaust Fluid?

Diesel exhaust fluid (also known as “DEF”) is used to reduce diesel exhaust emissions that can be harmful to the environment and individuals. DEF consists of two parts water and one part Urea, which is a fertilizer. In order to comply with EPA guidelines, DEF must be added to diesel engines that were constructed in 2010 or later and that use SCR engine technology.

DEF is both good for the environment and for your pocket book. The reason it is required in these engines is because it helps to greatly lower harmful emissions, which leads to less pollution due to engine exhaust and an overall more clean environment. And the pairing of DEF with SCR technology can lead to 5% fuel savings when compared to similar 2007 engine models.

DEF delivery services

DEF Options

Jacobus Energy offers two DEF options. The first is mobile DEF delivery, available in many cities, and the second is packaged DEF for purchase.

We call the mobile delivery option “truck to truck” because we deploy one of our fuel delivery trucks to bring fuel directly to your individual vehicle, often a truck, or each of the vehicles in your fleet. This mobile DEF service is available in the following cities: Indianapolis, Kansas City, Detroit, Charlotte, Greensboro, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Memphis, Nashville, Orland, Knoxville, Tampa, Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, Madison, and Milwaukee.

With this option, we use a closed-loop, contamination-free system to transport DEF. There is no risk of fluid contamination from point A (manufacturing) to point B (the customer). No contamination means no voided warranties and no costly repairs that contaminated fluids can cause.

With our packaged option, you can purchase DEF to keep at your location for increased control over your fleet’s ongoing supply of essential materials. Our DEF packages come in three sizes: 330 gallon totes, 55 gallon drums, and 2.5 gallon containers.

Contact Jacobus Energy About Our Diesel Exhaust Fluid Program

The diesel exhaust fluid requirement is an important step in lessening environmental damage and human illnesses caused by excessive fuel emissions. Complying with this requirement is essential for the environment and the continued successful operations of your fleet vehicles. Contact us today to learn more about both our diesel exhaust fluid delivery service and our wholesale DEF purchasing options.

DEF footprint map