Driving your business forward through better fuel delivery service management

If you’re like most companies that rely on equipment and vehicles to move forward, fuel is your second biggest expense. At Jacobus Energy, we like to think fuel is your second biggest savings opportunity. It’s this mindset that has helped us deliver some of the industry’s most progressive fuel management solutions to America’s fleets, facilities, emergency responders and businesses for more than 90 years.

As a leading fuel services provider, Jacobus Energy offers comprehensive fueling programs designed to improve efficiencies, increase productivity and make businesses more competitive. We do all this by providing the latest in fuel delivery service, management and technology—an approach that gives you the security, accuracy, flexibility and reliability you need to better manage your entire fueling operation.

Jacobus Energy fueling solutions include:

  • Mobile Refueling

  • Wholesale Fuel Deliveries

  • Risk Management Programs

  • Total Fuel Management

  • Quality, Seasonally Blended Fuels

  • Fuel Reporting

  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Jacobus Energy has branch offices in these markets, but we have partnerships with mobile fueling companies throughout the U.S. If you don’t see your area in the list, please contact us to have your fueling needs met there as well.

  • Alabama – Huntsville

  • North Carolina – Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh

  • South Carolina – Greenville/Spartanburg

  • Florida – Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Myers, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville

  • Georgia – Atlanta

  • Indiana – Indianapolis

  • Iowa – Des Moines

  • Kansas – Kansas City

  • Kentucky – Louisville

  • Michigan – Detroit

  • Missouri – St. Louis

  • Ohio – Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus

  • Oklahoma – Tulsa, Oklahoma City

  • Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh

  • Tennessee – Knoxville, Memphis, Nashville

  • Texas – Dallas

  • Wisconsin – Madison, Milwaukee, Janesville, Appleton

Jacobus Energy: Over 100 Years of Customer Service and Innovation

Jacobus Energy got its start in January, 1919 as Wauwatosa Fuel & Supply Company. Headed by C.C. Jacobus, its business purpose was “buying, selling and dealing in coal, animal feed and building or other supplies.” Two teams of horses and five employees rounded out the organization.

In the 1930’s, the business expanded into hauling cement and coal. Under the leadership of Delwin C. Jacobus It grew dramatically in the 1940’s, selling retail and wholesale coal, coke, petroleum products, wood and wood fuels. Taking advantage of the building boom that occurred after World War II, the company also sold construction materials such as brick, stone, tile, lumber, and cement.

As Milwaukee expanded into the suburbs in the 1950’s, the Jacobus Company grew with it. Homes built in outlying areas without gas lines all relied on oil-fired equipment, and Quickflash delivered “premium gold” home heating oil to tens of thousands of customers.

Delwin’s son, Charles D. Jacobus, Sr., continued to grow the business. Under his vision and leadership, the Jacobus Company experienced major growth during the 1960’s and 70’s. The company expanded rapidly, acquiring more than 20 heating oil companies in the 1970’s alone.

In the 1980s, Charles D. Jacobus, Jr. pioneered a new fueling concept: Automated fueling stations for commercial fleets. Unattended fueling was an innovation in the 1980s and it was an immediate success. Trucking fleets found they could cut fueling time dramatically thanks to the stations’ card-activated dispensers, wide fueling lanes, and high-speed pumps. Over 50 stations were opened, using the name “Quick Fuel.”

Charles Jacobus, Jr., CEO, and his brother Eugene Jacobus, President, actively grew the company’s mobile fueling business as well in the 1990s and 2000s. In just two decades, the brothers acquired nearly 30 companies and expanded Jacobus Energy’s geographic footprint throughout southern and midwestern states. Today, Jacobus Energy’s fuel deliveries are fully automated for safety and accuracy, using industry-leading software.

In 2018, the automated fueling stations were sold to allow Jacobus Energy to focus its efforts and resources on the rapidly growing mobile fueling business.

Jacobus Energy provides mobile fuel delivery service in 32 markets in 17 states. Over 200 Jacobus Energy trucks deliver fuel directly to tanks and equipment. In addition to trucking fleets, Jacobus delivers to construction job sites, farms, generators, and boats. The company is also experienced at providing emergency response fueling after hurricanes and other national disasters.

Fueling the future using the latest Fuel Delivery Service technology.

With dozens of vehicles and pieces of equipment to keep filled at any given time, managing your fuel can be an overwhelming task. That’s why Jacobus Energy has invested in a number of technological solutions to make your job easier and ensure that every fuel delivery is safe and accurate. And we’re currently implementing a new automated delivery system that will make our fuel delivery service even more streamlined than before!

Mobile Fueling

Jacobus Energy’s fuel delivery service trucks use innovative technology to ensure your fueling needs are met quickly and accurately. Our hand-held barcode scanners ensure the right product is dispensed into your equipment and that the correct amount of fuel is captured.

Once dispensed, the details sent to our on-line customer portal, for ease of use for customers and for safety.

QuickNet® Online Customer Portal

Jacobus Energy’s QuickNet online customer portal gives you the power to manage your account wherever and whenever you want.

Using the portal, you can pay your bill online, check pricing, access reports, request a delivery, update unit rosters, and much more.

Click here to find out more.

Tank Monitor and App Program

No Cost to the Customer: Tank Monitors that will help you manage your fuel needs through automated technology.

  • Compatible with multiple types of fuel storage tanks.
  • Automated real time communications on current fuel levels based on your threshold – (percentage of fuel consumed) will be sent to the Fuel Provider to dispatch a fuel delivery.
  • Tank levels will be transmitted to your database servers as soon as they are received by our infrastructure.
  • Monitor your tank levels via a Mobile App or your Desktop Computer.
  • Our Otodata LTE tank monitors work with 4G/5G networks, providing lightning fast connectivity, and allow you to monitor your tank through the Nee-Vo app to help ensure a reliable fuel supply.
  • Ability to monitor multiple tanks.
  • Battery Life can last up to 10 years.

Alerts/Notifications are sent to you based on the criteria you choose.

• Tank level (5% variation)
• Low battery
• High/Excessive draw
• Fill Detection
• Temperature

Data Interface:
• Email (to supplier and/or consumer)
• Raw data
• Online dashboard
• Client mobile app

Mobile Fueling Technology

Jacobus Energy deliveries are made using a fully automated system to enhance reliability, deter fraud and limit human error. You know you’re getting what you pay for and that your fuel will be delivered safely and reliably, where and when you need it. We also offer unprecedented access to crucial fueling and fleet data using the QuickNet® on-line customer portal. And our rigorously trained, hazmat-qualified drivers ensure deliveries are handled in an environmentally safe manner.

How it works:
A Jacobus Energy delivery driver synchs his handheld before starting a route to ensure the customer’s latest delivery requirements have been recorded. At each customer, the driver must scan a bar code attached to every unit or tank before fueling. The bar code contains data such as product type and maximum tank size. The pumping mechanism on the delivery truck will not open:

  • If a driver attempts to deliver an incorrect product type
  • If a driver attempts to deliver fuel without scanning a new bar code

It’s your assurance of accurate, safe deliveries.

Jacobus Energy technology makes our construction site deliveries more efficient, too. On many job sites, fuel must be broken out by subcontractor or by job. A Jacobus delivery driver can deliver fuel to all sub contractors, and invoices and reporting show the fuel totals for each sub contractor.



During operations & service, trucks spend an average of 30 minutes idling while stopped to refuel at truck stops or other retail stations. Jacobus Energy changes that. We’re dedicated to a more sustainable future. For us and for you.

Mobile Fueling

Mobile Fueling

Jacobus Energy delivers fuel directly to trucks and equipment during down times (usually at night). When drivers show up in the morning ready to start their route, they’re fueled and read for the trip.

On Board Truck Technologies

On Board Truck Technologies

Jacobus Energy’s fleet is equipped with On Board Truck Technology (OBT) that maximizes efficiency, safety and waste reduction in its delivery service.



Jacobus Energy drivers undergo thorough HazMat and ongoing specialized training. In addition, Jacobus Energy’s automated delivery system helps to ensure safe, accurate deliveries.

Idle Time: ZERO

Idle Time: ZERO

Routing software enables Jacobus Energy to schedule the most efficient deliveries, so our trucks spend more time making deliveries and less time driving or idling. The software generates metrics and alerts for tire pressure, speeding and idle time. These alerts automatically are sent to managers who immediately follow up with drivers to ensure better mileage and reduced emissions.



An automatic shut-off feature on the delivery nozzle closes when a tank is full.

Paperless Initiative

Paperless Initiative

Customer delivery reports and receipts are available online and via email. Electronic Vehicle Condition Reports and electronic logs have reduced paper usage for Jacobus Energy drivers. Total Savings: 1,113,028 pieces of paper each year.



Jacobus Energy uses PACCAR engines on all new trucks, which achieve near zero emissions of Particulate Matter and nitrous oxides. The SCR technology in PACCAR engines achieve up to 5% more fuel efficiency than non SCR engines.



Jacobus Energy fuels our fleet with Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel. Additionally, 75% of Jacobus Energy’s fleet uses Diesel Exhaust Fluid in their engines, further reducing emissions to near zero levels.



Jacobus Energy’s maintenance schedules meets or exceed all DOT requirements. Tanks are tested annually to ensure that each truck is state and federal certified to meet air quality standards. Each branch uses specific metrics for maintenance to ensure that all vehicles are maintained according to state and federal mandates, as well as stringent company standards.

Our Drivers

Our Drivers

Well trained drivers keep us and the environment safe. Throughout Jacobus Energy’s 10-day program, drivers complete rigorous training on safety, driver efficiency, truck maintenance and customer fulfillment. All drivers are required to attend monthly safety meetings and ongoing training.

Corporate Sustainability

Sustainability isn’t just a business practice, it’s a part of our corporate culture.

Jacobus Energy defaults all printers to black and white in order to reduce toner waster.

It is Jacobus Energy’s policy that employees do not use disposable cups, plates or utensils. We have reusable items in our office kitchen for our employees’ use.

LED Lighting
All external lights have been changed to LED lights, leading to substantial energy savings.

Our policy is that all paper, plastic, aluminum and glass be recycled instead of thrown in the trash. We offer convenient recycling receptacles in employees cubicles and around the office.

We also have recycling programs for alkaline batteries and electronics. Not only do we recycle all electronics used in the office, we encourage employees to bring in their old, out-dated and broken down electronics from home to recycle through us.