Yes. Log into the QuickNet On-line Customer Portal (or register if you’re a new user). Under “My Account” click on “Bill Pay.”
Quick Fuel has purchasing agreements with the major oil suppliers throughout the U.S. such as Marathon, BP, Buckeye and Shell. Our fuel is loaded directly from the terminal to the truck to customer. The truck turns over product daily, so it’s not being stored for long periods of time. Quick Fuel also monitors weather conditions and provides fuel that is properly formulated for specific regions and weather conditions.
Jacobus Energy offers on-road and off-road diesel, gasoline, kerosene, and diesel exhaust fluid.
We bring our fueling truck to your facility during your downtime to deliver fuel directly to each unit. This allows you to operate your business as efficiently as possible. You won’t have trucks waiting in long lines at the retail stops waiting for fuel (the average retail fuel stop last 30 minutes). Your drivers will be more productive, on the road making deliveries rather than waiting to fuel.
Jacobus Energy provides fuel for businesses nationwide, both for-hire and private fleets. Dump trucks, school buses, waste management, food and beverage trucks with reefers, and construction equipment. Jacobus Energy also specializes in generator fueling in emergency response situations as well as for high-profile concerts and sporting events.
We travel specific routes in each of our market areas. Pricing is determined based on volume, travel time, and any special delivery concerns. If you have any questions, please call 800-522-6287. Click here to see the markets we serve.
Jacobus Energy can set up a contract for a risk management program for high-volume fuel users. Please call 800-522-6287 and explain that you are interested in a wholesale fueling program.