Jacobus Energy offers a Risk Management Program. It allows you to “smooth out” pricing and puts you back in control of your fuel costs.

With fuel costs being a fleet’s second largest operating expense (after wages and benefits), an unexpected jump in fuel prices can mean operating at a financial loss, no matter how efficiently you manage your business. In today’s world, oil markets have proven to be extremely volatile. In the past, you had no control over price fluctuations and no way to reduce the risk of sudden fuel price increases.

Jacobus Energy customers can fix prices for periods of 1-12 months, using any combination of Jacobus Energy services: mobile refueling, bulk drops or fuel management. Customers who participate in Jacobus Energy’s Risk Management Program are invoiced at a fixed price until their contract volume is reached.

Risk Management Advantages:

  • Eliminates risk of price increases
  • Provides a competitive advantage during periods of rising prices
  • Allows fuel unit costs to be budgeted with 100% certainty

Risk Management Program Requirements:

  • Time period: 1-12 months
  • Fixed term by month
  • Ratable purchases; commitment to purchase
  • Fixed prices and volume by market
Jacobus Energy mobile fueling truck