No Cost to the Customer: Tank Monitors that will help you manage your fuel needs through automated technology.

Nee Vo tank monitor
  • Compatible with multiple types of fuel storage tanks.
  • Automated real time communications on current fuel levels based on your threshold – (percentage of fuel consumed) will be sent to the Fuel Provider to dispatch a fuel delivery.
  • Tank levels will be transmitted to your database servers as soon as they are received by our infrastructure.
  • Monitor your tank levels via a Mobile App or your Desktop Computer.
  • Our Otodata LTE tank monitors work with 4G/5G networks, providing lightning fast connectivity, and allow you to monitor your tank through the Nee-Vo app to help ensure a reliable fuel supply.
  • Ability to monitor multiple tanks.
  • Battery Life can last up to 10 years.

Alerts/Notifications are sent to you based on the criteria you choose.

• Tank level (5% variation)
• Low battery
• High/Excessive draw
• Fill Detection
• Temperature

Data Interface:
• Email (to supplier and/or consumer)
• Raw data
• Online dashboard
• Client mobile app

mobile fueling display example
mobile fueling app display example