Jacobus Energy uses a reliable automated delivery system to bring heating oil to your home. We offer a “Keep Fill” option that triggers oil deliveries when you need them most. To determine when you need a fresh order, the system tracks your home oil usage and monitors weather forecasts. With this convenient system, you will never go without home heating oil again!

Never Go Without Home Heating Oil

Especially when you live somewhere with very cold winters, you should never have to worry about your home’s heating oil supply. Leave that concern to the expert fueling technicians at Jacobs Energy. Our home delivery service is always timely and dependable.

With our automated delivery service, you can even leave the monitoring and inventorying of your fuel levels up to us. Our team will keep your home’s heating tank full so your home can remain warm and comfortable throughout the coldest months.

Additionally, we utilize a convenient online customer portal that allows you to review orders and make additional ones as needed. Through this portal, you can also review your repayment plan and make adjustments.

Budget Payment Plans

At Jacobus Energy, we know that home heating fuel is a costly but essential good. We are committed to providing routes to keeping your home heated at all times, regardless of your budget.

With our budget payment plans, you can pay off your oil bill at a rate that is convenient for you. We also offer financing options with an easy application process. Fill out our credit application form today to discover your financial options.

Let Jacobus Energy Keep Your Home Warm All Year Long

Jacobus Energy will keep your home fueled during the traditional heating season and whenever else you need throughout the year. When you choose the automated delivery option, we will monitor your fuel home heating oil levels and replenish your supply before you even know it’s getting low! And don’t worry about affording this essential service. We have the budget payment plan and financing that is right for you. Heating should never be something you need to skimp on. Schedule home heating oil delivery today!