One of Jacobus Energy’s specializations is farm fuel delivery. We deliver gas and diesel for fuel storage tanks and farm equipment fueling. We are able to deliver the fuel you need at your convenience with the options to schedule regular deliveries or to request on an as-needed basis. This highly convenient service allows you to focus on your crop, free from concerns about running out of fuel.

Fueling Storage Tanks

With our storage tank filling option, we can keep your fuel tank levels where you need them at all times. We bring the fuel to your farm and fill up the tanks ourselves. And if you need a fuel storage tank to house your fuel, we can provide one along with a FREE tank monitor.

Additionally, we offer bulk fuel delivery that ensures you always have the fuel supply you need. No more worries about running out of fuel when you have an inventory of your own. Additionally, if demand increases or fuel supplies decrease, you have some level of insurance against these fluctuations.

Agriculture & Farm Equipment Fueling

Another option Jacobus Energy offers for fueling your farm is direct equipment fueling. Our fueling technicians can fuel your farm equipment as needed. You can schedule regular or as-needed fuel delivery services for all of your essential agricultural equipment.

Ordering Options

In addition to options for fuel tank fulfillment or direct equipment fueling, we also offer convenient ordering choices. For one, we feature an automated delivery solution with an online portal that allows you full control when scheduling ongoing deliveries. The automated system can also be used to arrange to have fuel delivered within 24-48 hours. Through the online portal, you can review all past and pending deliveries and make adjustments as needed.

Rely on Jacobus Energy For Your Farm Fuel Delivery

When it comes to fueling your farm, Jacobus Energy has got you covered. No more headaches or worry for you. Leave the delivery and fueling tasks to us. We pride ourselves on our reliable service to many agricultural businesses, providing them the amount of fuel they need. Contact us today to learn more about our farm fuel delivery. We hope to add you to our client list!